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Take care of the car

Take care of the car

Chăm sóc xe tận nơi

Modern technology

Modern technology

Công nghệ hiện đại

Safe material

Safe material

Chất liệu an toàn

Professional - Dedicated

Professional - Dedicated

Chuyên nghiệp - Tận tâm

Welcome to ecowash


Introducing a new online-onsite car care services exclusively for condominium residents and high rise office buildings throughout Ho Chi Minh City Area

  • A Clean & Eco Friendly High-quality hand wash Wherever You Are
  • A new evolution of ceramic coating that will change the way a high quality car care services should be
  • Schedule a high-quality, eco-friendly car care and detailing services at your office or apartment — all performed by top-rated local mobile car wash team
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Chủ tài khoản: Trần Khải Minh
Tại Ngân hàng Đông Nam Á (Sea Bank)
Số TK: 11000014284266, chi nhánh TP.HCM

Customer reviews

Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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