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Cautions when using a hot water car washer

Car washer is a fairly popular name in the market today. However, very few users know about the car washer using hot steam and note when using this product. The article below we will help readers to solve those problems.

What is hot water car washer?

Hot water car washers are hot water car washers. This is a modern equipment produced by advanced technology, cleaning stains with steam boiled in the body. It is both efficient and saves time.

Construction of hot water car washer

A typical hot water car washer consists of the following components: a water tank and a heater, a hot steam line and a gun, a pressurizer that expels hot steam and hot steam.

+ Water storage tank and heater:

This is an important part to help the machine work, including the heating system or the combustion chamber using diesel oil. This part is to heat the water to the evaporation temperature to create hot steam.

+ The pressure generator spits hot steam out:

An indispensable part of high-end car washer. This is essentially a pressure vessel containing heated water and hot steam.

Especially on the body of the bottle, there are lock connecting pipes to lead the steam out. Unfortunately, this part is not working properly, it will affect the working function of the machine, which may lead to shutdown.

This is a very sensitive part, easily damaged. So users should be careful before and after use.

+ Hot steam lines and guns:

This part works to direct hot steam from the heater outside to wash the car.
+ Hot steam:

At very high temperatures hot steam is led out to wash the vehicle's equipment. The most stubborn stains cannot be saved.

In addition, the hot steam has the ability to sterilize. Good deodorizing helps the car free from unpleasant odors and protects the equipment in the car from scratches.

Principle of operation

Based on the principle of boiling water at high temperatures, up to 150 degrees up to the time of evaporation. Steam will accumulate in the storage tank and create a certain pressure to remove stubborn stains on the surface of equipment and vehicles. Evaporation makes cleaning simple and saves water significantly. Just 5-6 liters of water can clean a regular car.

Outstanding advantages

Clean the device without using chemicals

Normally, for a car when washing, you will have to use new cleaning chemicals to help remove stubborn stains. However with this product.

They can clean the equipment in the car in a super clean way by modern technology. Making micro steam particles penetrate corners, dead corners of the car to easily remove stains.

At the same time it also helps users protect their own health. Due to not contact with cleaning chemicals.

Eliminate car odors

Maybe many people don't notice. When using a car washer, hot water helps to remove odors on the car very well.

Because if you spray with normal water will not be able to remove the smell. Or wash with chemicals, their smell will haunt the car.

Therefore, the hot steam will cause these unpleasant odors to quickly leave the vehicle equipment.

Removes stains effectively up to 99.99%

Thanks to the modern operating principle, hot steam is emitted extremely strongly. Help penetrate the fabric, rubber mattress on cars to remove stubborn stains, even old stains.

Save time and money

Washing a car normally consumes only 0.8 KW of electricity and about 1.5 liters of water. In addition, the water in the machine to heat up only takes about 3-4 minutes. Therefore, it is both time saving and cost effective.

Process of use

  • Parking the car in the yard, flat and spacious.
  • Install a car washer. Check fully equipment, accessories, accessories to ensure safety when using.
  • Turn on the water heater for 10 minutes to reach the threshold of 150 degrees.
  • Use a gun to spray the whole vehicle evenly from inside to outside, from top to bottom.
  • Wait for the car to dry or use the defuser device to make the car dry faster.

Notes for use

Store the machine properly

Proper maintenance of the machine is essential. In the case of leaving the machine in humid or high temperature places for a long time, it will affect the capacity and working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to leave the car washer in a dry and airy place, avoid a place with too high temperature, so unplug it when not in use.

Regularly check the machine

Before or after using, users should check the machine. Check all parts of the machine for defects or failures, have been correctly installed or not.

Whether the protective equipment and accessories have been ensured for safety and have they been loose or not, ...

One thing to be very careful about is the water source when used to operate the machine. Must be a clean water source free from impurities, dust.

Operation using the machine

Users need to carefully read the manual of the machine before operating. Avoid cases where you do not know how to use them but do it yourself, which can lead to the wrong operation of the machine assembly, use of the machine, and damage to the machine.

Periodic machine maintenance

Although the device still works well, no error occurs during the user process. But users should still take the machine for periodic maintenance to refresh the device.


Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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