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Discover the trend of car washing without water

With the rapid development of technology today, the method of washing car without water is currently receiving a lot of positive feedback from users. This is considered an extremely smart car cleaning solution and is highly appreciated for its cleaning ability.

So what advantages and disadvantages does this dry car wash have? The following information that we share is sure to be extremely helpful for those interested in this new car wash technology.

Find out how to wash a car without water

Car wash technology does not use water is a cleaning method using a mixture of volatile organic solvents to help collect and dissolve dirt on the car, users just need to wipe off the dirt that is the car. will be clean, shiny like new.

When the liquid on the surface of the car is wiped off, you will see a thin layer left on the surface of the car, which is a polish, you just need to wipe the car.

This protective layer is resistant to external influences from damaging the vehicle's paint. Normally, this protective layer will protect your car for 6 weeks under normal conditions. Thanks to that, your car will be shiny like new for longer.

Therefore, this cleaning method is currently very hot and is interested and used by many people.

Evaluate the pros and cons of the dry car washing method

About advantages

- Extremely convenient: with this car wash method, instead of using water, you only need to use a specialized waterless car wash to clean the car anywhere, anytime. used and not dependent on water sources.

- All dirt, grease on the car are cleaned quickly and comprehensively, ensuring your car is always shiny like new.

Specialized solution for car wash without touching

- Using this method is not as simple as using a car washer to clean, but they also protect your car in the long term.

- This new form of car wash technology brings high hygienic efficiency with cleaning ability up to 90%.

- Working process is faster and simpler than ever.

- With this technology, users will not have to scrub the surface of the car, helping to limit the situation of dirt that can stick to the cleaning cloth and scratch the car's paint.

- Because you do not use water for cleaning as the traditional method, so it helps to save water very effectively.

- Fast car cleaning time means your unit will wash more cars. Thanks to that, bringing in high revenue, minimizing the cost of electricity, water, labor, ... especially this method is extremely friendly with the environment.


- Car wash liquid is only suitable for cleaning dirty soil. For areas with oil, users still have to use a towel to clean again.

- Compared with the traditional car wash, the car wash without touching will have a higher cost.

However, in the Vietnamese market today, most users still prefer to wash the car according to the traditional method. Because of this method, customers will find their car is scrubbed, cared for, and at the same time, the cost per spray is also lower.

Moreover, this method is usually only suitable for cars that do not have too much dirt, but with long distances and weather like in our country, this method probably contains really feasible and suitable. Therefore, this method is not really commonly used at present.

Therefore, using the car washer to clean as the traditional method is still one of the most suitable ways. You can refer to some large capacity washers with reasonable prices for your unit such as: Lutian car washer, Kumisai car washer, ... to bring the most optimal cleaning ability.

Guide car washing process without using water

- First of all, you need to prepare the necessary car wash tools such as car wash cloth, car cleaning solution in spray form, soft fiber towel to clean the car.

- Next, you will spray the car cleaning solution on a soft cloth or you can spray directly on the surface of the car.

- After spraying, use a soft and clean dry cloth to clean the car, this will help the car wash solution be thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt. Your car will look new and shiny.

Regularly, periodically cleaning your car will help your car be durable and prevent more damage.

The car wash process is quite fast and simple, does not take too many steps like the traditional cleaning method, thereby helping you to save maximum costs for hiring effective cleaning workers.

Hopefully the information shared above has helped you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the waterless car wash solution. From there, there will be business decisions for investment in the spray shops, as well as helping users to choose for themselves the right cleaning method to best protect their loved car.

Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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