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Surprise your car wash technology without water!

Car wash without water is one of the "4.0 era" car wash methods that receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. In the following article, we would like to share with you how to wash this new technology, invite you to consult.

What is water-free car wash technology?

This is a car wash method that uses a mixture of volatile solvents consisting of a wetting agent, lubricant, surfactant and a cleaning agent to polish the paint surface. Surfactants will help the wetting agent soak into the dirt particles on the car body, dissolve the dirt on the car into a liquid and the car washers just need to wipe the liquid off.

After wiping the liquid off, the car surface will remain a thin layer of polish, now just shake the whole car to make the car shiny and clean.

After washing the car paint is covered with a protective polymer layer that is resistant to harmful effects from the environment.

According to some people, this car protection can be maintained for more than a month or after a few rains, helping to prevent mild oxidation on the car paint and prevent dust spots on the car's glass. the car is clean and shiny for longer.

Evaluate the advantages of car wash technology without water

  • Convenience is considered the biggest advantage because car washers do not need to use water just spray on special chemicals, can wash the car at any end. This washing method completely removes dirt, grease, and protects the car for a period of time.
  • Users do not need to use water to wash the car, helping to save significantly water for the car wash. In addition, it does not need water, does not create mechanical friction, so it does not scratch the surface of the car paint, protects the car paint from harmful effects from the environment by being protected by a thin layer of polishes.
  • The protective paint on the car can be protected and maintained for up to 1.5 months to provide antioxidant protection for a long lasting gloss on the vehicle.

Is car wash technology good?

Although this method is considered quite good because it can shorten the cleaning time of the vehicle, save electricity and water ... However, besides its outstanding advantages, this technology still has limitations.

  • Water-free car washing is not suitable for cars with a lot of dirt, especially in positions such as under the car, wheels.
  • When choosing this technology, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical level and expertise because if you do a small mistake, the paint on your car is scratched, causing loss of aesthetic beauty.
  • The cost of using waterless car wash technology is large. Normally, when washing a car with a high pressure car washer, the user only costs 20,000-30,000 VND for a motorbike and 40,000-50,000 VND for a car, but when using this technology, the user consumes a higher cost.

How to wash a car without water

  • Car wash without water is relatively easy to do: Car washers only need to prepare a dedicated car wash liquid, 2 specialized soft towels.
  • Next, spray the car wash without water on a soft cloth or spray directly on the surface of the car and wipe it off.
  • Use a specialized wiper to wipe the entire surface of the car to clean all the car wash, to keep the car dry and free of dirt, and shiny like new.

Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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