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What is car wash liquid? Wash it off? Note when using?

Recently, in many big cities, there is a new "hot" car wash service, which is the technology of car wash without touch. This technology uses a special car wash liquid that can "remove" dirt on the surface of vehicles without having to touch to scrub as before. So what is this car wash liquid that has such "divine" ability? Join us to find out.

What is car wash liquid?

Non-touch car wash is also known as a cleaning solution that does not need to wipe, which is a liquid car washing chemical, which is prepared in convenient plastic cans and can be further diluted for more economical use. . Simply understood, this is a car wash that does not need to touch hands but can still clean the surface. Users just need to spray this type of solution on the car, wait a few minutes, then use a high-pressure sprayer to spray water to clean the chemical foam.

So, if you don't directly clean the car surface, is it really clean? Does car wash liquid really "knock away" dirt stains? Let's see how this technology is evaluated effectively.

Is car wash clean with car wash water?

With the traditional way of car wash foam, workers use common cleaning chemicals and then mix according to the ratio instructions to clean the vehicle and many other tools such as gloves, car wash, microfiber towels, brush rim, tire… thus, time and effort will be more.

Through the actual test of the car wash using the car wash without touching, the dirt on the surface of the body, the steering glass or the rearview mirror is 99% cleaned.

Any kind of cleaning solution such as: laundry soap, shampoo ... also contains a little detergent because otherwise it cannot be cleaned, with this non-touch car wash. When they are used in permitted levels, there will be no effects on human health. The actual test on human skin also shows that the solution does not have an unpleasant chemical odor and does not dry out the skin of your hands.

It can be said that in addition to the traditional car wash technique, the non-touch car wash technology has many advantages such as:

  • Car wash with car wash water does not touch quite clean to about 99%.
  • Save electricity and water because there is no need to spray the water for the first time like a traditional spray.
  • Save time because this method of car wash is very fast, suitable for busy people.
  • Save labor and human resources by not having to scrub the stain with your hands.
  • Limit car scratches due to subjective factors.
  • More cars can be washed, leading to increased productivity.
  • Reduce the ground, because many cars can be stowed together.

In general, the touchless car wash technology has just appeared in Vietnam, but has many advantages over harm, so it is gradually gaining the hearts of customers, especially busy people. this new technology.

Moreover, the use of car wash liquid does not help traders save a lot of raw material costs when only a 25 liter cans diluted at the rate of 5% can wash a few hundred to even a few hundred. thousand cars. However, this technology using car wash water is not perfect and still has some limitations such as:

  • The cost of car wash liquid is higher than that of conventional car wash.
  • This technology can only be applied to large-scale car garages and high-pressure washing pumps (50kg / cm2 or more), which are difficult for small shops to use.
  • This solution often reacts strongly with dirt stains, while stains like oil need to be cleaned completely with a towel.

How to use car wash liquid

Before washing a car with a car wash liquid, you should carefully read the instructions on how to dilute the solution with water on the outside of the cover, label or ask the sales person directly for advice. This ratio will vary from brand to brand and will be different in case you are using a portable snow foam bottle or a professional foam bottle. For example, with BIO30 car wash liquid, the reference rate is:

  • Use with snow foam sprayer: Mix 1400-1500ml with 70 liters
  • Use with foam spray gun: Ratio 1: 3 - 1: 4 (mix 170-200 ml with 1 liter of water)
  • Use with the metering pump or the 1.7-2.0% hand spray

In addition, when washing, you should not spray water as usual, but must spray the foam directly without wiping on the car, and wait for about 1 minute to wash immediately, do not leave too long.

How to use car wash water to clean the car is very simple, as follows:

  • Step 1: Spray the mixed car wash directly on the whole vehicle and wait about 1 minute for the liquid to soften dirt, mud, break grease links ...
  • Step 2: Use the high-pressure car washer to rinse it again, do it from under, then go up gradually and absolutely do not reverse.
  • Step 3: After spraying is finished, you just need to spray dry again.

Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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