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What is car wash without touch, is it good to wash the car?

You always wonder if the air wash process is really good for vehicles.

What is car wash without touching?

If you have never learned or heard about this method of car washing, you can understand this is a form of car wash technology improved in recent years.

For this type of car wash, the investor will design a car wash technology model by using a snow foam sprayer and a special car wash solution sprayed on the vehicle to increase the ability to clean the dirt on the car.

Users often choose chemicals in powder or liquid form to wash the car. In this form of car washing, car wash staff only need to use a regular water spray to wet the car and then use the snow foam head to spray from top to bottom vertically of the car or spray from front to back or from back to horizontal front of the bodywork. Then, the car wash staff will use the set of high-pressure water nozzles with extremely high water pressure to spray, clean stains on the car in turn in the direction of the car.

Is car wash cleaner than car wash?

To clean a car, you can not skip stages in the car wash process by not having to equip with professional car wash tools such as brooms, wipes to help limit scratches and car scratches. At the same time, clean the dirt, mud on the body, in the car to minimize human resources and save time and effort to wash a car.

Due to the car wash in the non-touch form, it is imperative that the car washer must have a large working capacity and maximum spray pressure, effectively cleaning up to 90% of stains on the car. In addition, the time it takes to wash a car can be shortened, and car wash shop owners can make a significant profit from washing more cars.

The plus point of car wash technology is that the investor can save a monthly electricity bill.

Therefore, if you do not have time to wait to wash a car, you can use the car wash without touch. With the advantages that this type of car wash brings, it will help car washers feel more convenient.

Disadvantages of car wash technology do not touch

In addition to the outstanding features of the non-touch car wash, this method still has many limitations such as the car wash technology has a much higher cost than other conventional high-pressure washer, because This technology requires investment in a high-pressure car washer with a minimum water spraying pressure of 50 kg / cm2.

Another limitation is that the liquid used in car wash technology must have extremely strong cleaning ingredients so that when combined with the water source, it creates a lot of snow bubbles, so if the employee is not paying attention, it is very easy to lose the polish on the vehicle's surface. At the same time, stains such as food, oil spilled on the body of the car need to be cleaned with a new towel or paper. If you notice, a car wash using traditional methods is cheaper than washing a car without touching.

Through the above article, noticed, the car wash method does not touch normal car wash is no different. The difference is that the normal car wash cannot be used for the car wash. If your car has a lot of dirt on it, you should consider many different types of car wash to keep it clean and shiny.

Ecowash is committed to ensuring that the quality of car wash services is safe with the most modern technology. Experienced staff will help your car clean and shiny in the fastest time.


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